Simple Habits of Rich People

You probably noticed that families with the same monthly income live differently. Someone can save money, someone lives from salary to salary. Why is this happening? In psychology, there is a direction that studies the way of thinking and the behavior strategies of poor and rich people. According to experts, a person with a high level of income has certain habits that help them earn more. We will talk about these habits in this article.

Rich people buy used things

Surprisingly, a fact. Wealthy people buy used cars instead of new ones, realizing that in the first three years of use such a car, even if it is in excellent condition, loses a lot in price. If we are talking about a new car, then wealthy people tend to use it as long as possible – about 10 years to get the maximum benefit.

Rich people adhere to the daily routine

81% of the rich surveyed make up a schedule and try to follow it. Among those who earn little, plans for the day write down only 9%. 44% of wealthy people wake up 3 hours before work and devote this time to sports, self-education and other personal matters. Of those who cannot boast of an impressive fortune, only 3% rise early.

Wealthy people make savings

Rich people try not to spend money that they don’t have. They set aside 20 percent of their income for the future, and live on the remaining 80 percent. As a rule, people with unfavorable financial situations spend more than they can afford. If you want to put an end to your financial problems, make it a rule to put aside part of your earnings and control your spending. Try to determine how much money you need to live on a month and set aside the amount covering these expenses for six months – in case of a sudden dismissal or collapse of a business.

Do not put off until later

Once you have made your decision, take action. Do not drag out, someone can realize your idea, and you will be left with nothing. Do not wait for a “convenient” moment; you can miss your chance. Have read useful information – start using it.

Wealthy people buy affordable housing

In general, wealthy people try not to take housing on credit. There is even a formula that says that the cost of housing for purchase should not exceed the size of 2.5 annual income. You should not buy expensive elite housing with an average salary, even if the bank offers very favorable conditions.

Rich people care about health

76% of wealthy people go in for sports four times a week and try not to eat junk food. And this is quite logical, because regular exercises not only help to keep fit, but also improve memory and cognitive functions. Among low-income people, only 23% find time for sports.

Do not play for money

Remember, when you play for money, sooner or later the institution wins. Rich people very rarely play the lottery or make any other bets on money, although they could afford it. But rich people are rich because they do not rely on blind luck to ensure their financial well-being. They create their luck themselves.

Wealthy people work for themselves

So you can earn in proportion to the effort invested, rather than a salary. And this is the most powerful incentive. Amancio Ortega is in second place in the Forbes ranking. To date, he has 67 billion dollars. And in 1975, he and his wife started a business of dressing gowns and underwear in their own living room. Today, Zara is a world famous brand.

Rich people do not retire

You cannot get rich fast. Rich people spend their whole lives accumulating their wealth. They save and invest, and by any other means try to increase their fortune. At the same time, most of them work for themselves, have their own business, and this is very motivating not to retire and work. Such people are constantly busy. They have many ideas on how to grow your business and make it even more successful.

Rich people devote time to self-education

88% of the rich read at least half an hour every day. Of those who earn a little, only 2% of people do this. But the poor survey participants prefer to spend time in front of the TV screen and in 75% of cases devote more than an hour a day to this lesson.

Rich people know how to control their emotions

Not everything you think is worth saying out loud. When you say everything that comes to your mind, you risk offending your interlocutor, even when he may prove extremely useful in the future. Among rich people, more than 94% know how to control their emotions, preventing them from breaking through at the first opportunity. They understand that restraint can destroy both work and family relationships. If you want to say something sharp, calm down first, and then try to look at the situation objectively and understand what consequences these words threaten you.

Rich people often do what they love

If a person sincerely loves his job, he will undoubtedly succeed. And professionalism and dedication will help to become financially independent. Changing a line of business is never too late.


By developing your network of professional contacts, you provide yourself with more opportunities in the future – from more customers to better work. But for this, you need to spend your free time not for entertainment, but for communicating with the right people. Almost three-quarters of wealthy people spend at least five hours a month creating a network of professional contacts and volunteering. One of the benefits of volunteering is the company you find yourself in. Often, middle and senior management of charitable organizations consists of rich, successful people. Creating personal contacts with such people often ends in very profitable business opportunities in the future.

Wealthy people invest and create passive income

Money should make money. They should not lie under the mattress, waiting in the wings. Expand the geography of your business, buy stocks, invest in real estate. Also, you will never become a millionaire if you do not have income earned without your participation. This may be bank deposits, stocks, rental property, royalties and patents. So for the song “Happy Birthday to You!” Until now, the company with copyright on it receives up to two million dollars a year.

Avoid procrastination

Here are five strategies to help you avoid procrastination:

Every day, create a to-do list for today and monitor its implementation. At least 70% of the planned must be completed.

Define your “daily top five.” This five should have five points that should bring you closer to some important goal for you.

Set reasonable deadlines for your projects. If you perform them ahead of schedule, everything is in order, if only not later.

Find partners who will keep you in good shape. Team up with people to achieve a large-scale goal, and communicate with each other at least every week to make sure that you and they do not fly away.

Use the do it now mantra. This mantra will help convince yourself to do something right. Just repeat the words “do it now” until you get tired of it to such an extent that it will be easier for you to start a task or project, if only you yourself are behind you.

Forget the phrase “I’m out of luck”

Often people suffering from financial problems themselves are the creators of their bad luck. Their bad luck is just a consequence of their negative, “poor” habits. They, like snowflakes on a hillside, stick together with each other, turning into a real avalanche of bad luck – a health problem that could have been avoided leads to dismissal, dismissal leads to the breakup of the family, and it leads to sliding to the bottom of life.

At first, if it makes it easier for you, wear a special amulet or talisman that promotes prosperity and well-being. The most powerful wealth amulet is the one you believe in.

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